More than just an innovative mining company, Vantage Mining is dedicated to providing solutions in order to optimize your returns in your daily operations. Vantage Mining strives to satisfy your industrial needs and cut down your costs so you may be in full control with just a simple transition from expensive to effective!.

Vantage Mining provides proven saving solutions for greater efficiencies, scale, and time saving costs for industrial, mining, shipbuilding, chemical, or energy projects. We are tough in our business ways and easy to complete your goals in Mainland China.

Vantage Mining management team has a successful track record of bringing practical solutions to market and creating savings for multi-businesses. Try this new experience and realize what is the real meaning of saving money, time, and reduce costs.


In Vantage you will find a reliable source. We are based on integrity and certainty so you may rest assured of your business with us. We live by the traditional basic business methods such as safety, logic, and reality while bringing in the challenge of new technology, state of the art, information flow, and creation.

We live Vantage values:

Trustworthy - we do what we say we will
Inspiring - we create new possibilities
Heart - we believe in what we do

We are committed to contributing positively to society and to a sustainable future.


Part of Vantage annual sales are going to support educational projects related to children with very limited means in order to help them finish their studies.