Chemicals Supply

Cu, Ni, Sn, Zn plating intermediates, Organic Fluoro chemicals, acids, sulfates, cyanides, and polymers.


Machinery Supply

Mining Machinery, metal steel pipe, carbon pipe, stainless steel, and other machinery parts.


Minerals and Metals Purchase and Supply

Vantage Mining has a large access to Minerals and subproducts only available to us through exclusivity agreements celebrated between us and major Mining players throughout the American continent and China..


Supplying Mining Chemicals

Electroplating or Leaching

Situated in Mainland China's international financial center, Vantage Mining is dedicated to sourcing an extense list of mining products and materials, such as stone, metals, chemicals, and concentrates principally to the Latin American Market. We are proud to source some of the world's top mining economies such as Mexico, Canada, Chile, Peru, and Brazil.

VM is your strong arm and best choice for formidable access to China's most reliable suppliers, raw materials, and commercial political influence.

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